Free Traffic Actually Work!!

Does Free Traffic Actually Work?

You may have heard people say that free traffic is no good because you end up with freebie seekers rather than buyers.

However, this is not my experience and therefore I want to share my own thoughts with you.

Let me first say that there is in fact no such thing as free traffic! After all if you spend three hours getting traffic to your website for free it has in fact cost you three hours. If you know that you are worth $10 per hour, then spending three hours generating traffic is actually costing you $30.

However, when you first begin starting your online business using this type of traffic has many benefits because you don’t need any money upfront you just need time. I think it is very important to focus on free traffic initially before trying any paid traffic. This is because when you first start out you don’t know how your traffic will convert and therefore it becomes very easy for you to lose a lots of money when you pay for traffic because you don’t yet have an optimised system in place.

Once your business becomes profitable and you know how much every subscriber is worth to you then you know how much money you can spend on traffic and still make a profit.

There are many forms of free traffic that you can use and many of them are not very targeted. This is probably the main drawback.. Therefore if you are going to use free traffic I recommend that you do the best that you can to make sure that the traffic is targeted as you will see far better results and you will get results quicker.

Therefore if you focus on using free traffic that draws in a visitor because they are interested in something that you have to offer then that traffic will be targeted and far more likely to convert to a buyer. Therefore using targeted free traffic does work.

In order to find targeted traffic sources you need to find out where online your potential customers will be. Once you know this you can then do everything that you can to make sure that you have visibility where they are so that they can see your offer.

This will often be in the form of content and therefore using content on a targeted website that has a lot of visitors works extremely well. This might be article directories, niche blogs, niche forums, and niche websites for example.

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