Invest in Cryptocurrency – $100 invested with Bitconnect can change your future!!

-BitConnect is a program that you buy  using Bitcoin. BitConnect (BCC) is listed in top 20 of cryptocurrencies worth over $400 million dollars.The BCC is then lent out to the trading bot BitConnect has that makes trades on the  volatility of the Bitcoin for the day. You get payments every 24 hours that have been averaging above 1% per day. That daily payment is yours to withdraw or you can reinvest for new loans of $10 increments.
Here is a link to a step by step guide with screenshots on how to make a loan here

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-I will make a share with everyone that register within my referral link, Lend money on Bitconnects and contact me by e-mail you BCC address and you username name to proceed with the reward payment.

  • Lend $1010      to 5,000 and get $25 as reward
  • Lend $5010     to 10,000 and get $75as reward
  • Lend $10,010 to 20,000 and get $200 as reward
  • Lend $20,010 to 30,000 and get $400 as reward
  • Lend $30,010 to 40,000 and get $600 as reward
  • Lend $40,000 to 50,000 and get $800 as reward

My referral link:

Contact me your information by e-mail at jonathancomeau [@]


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