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Go Green by Using Natural Cleaning Products and Avoid Dangerous Chemicals

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Have you questioned “how toxic are my household cleaning supplies”? If you haven’t considered the potential dangers of what may be in your cupboard then you likely will be surprised when you come to the realization that many of these ordinary household cleaning supplies are dangerous and toxic. Cleaning ingredients vary in the degree and type of health hazard that they present. Some may irritate the skin while others are responsible for respiratory irritation, chemical burns and cancer. There is an additional threat when chemicals are combined, such as chlorine and ammonia. This is why many households are turning to natural cleaning products to not only protect themselves, but the environment as well.

Natural cleaning products are safer for humans and pets and less damaging to the environment as they are non-toxic. Added advantages of natural cleaning products are that they smell fresher, clean as well or better than toxic chemicals, and are cost-efficient. The average American uses about 40 pounds of toxic household cleaning products each year. By switching to natural cleaning products you are able to protect yourself, your family and the environment from harmful chemicals.

Homemade cleaning products can be made very easily with natural cleaning ingredients. Following are some basic ingredients and uses:

Vinegar: Vinegar is a wonderful all purpose homemade cleaning product that is eco friendly and effective in every room in the home. A simple solution of one part vinegar and one part water will clean nearly every surface, appliance and fixture in the home. In the kitchen it is used to clean counter tops, appliances and all surfaces including the greasy walls above the stovetop. In the bathroom, its uses include cleaning the bathtub, the sinks and the toilet bowl (use straight vinegar here). In the laundry room, it can be used as a fabric softener in the laundry by adding one half cup during the rinse cycle. Vinegar is also used for mopping floors (avoid on hardwood floors for removing grease, mildew and wax, to clean windows, brick and stone and to clean walls.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is another natural, eco friendly all purpose cleaner that is used to clean, deodorize, remove stains and soften fabrics. Baking soda can be sprinkled onto a damp sponge or cloth to clean countertops, bathtubs, sinks, ovens and fiberglass. It is also a wonderful deodorizer, eliminating smells.

Borax: Borax is used to kill mold. It can also be used to enhance the cleaning power of soap. Caution must be taken when small children and pets are in the home as it can be toxic to both if consumed.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is a popular non toxic cleaning product and is used for removing stains from clothing, cutting through grease and removing perspiration stains from clothing. It is also used as a bleach alternative. In the bathroom it can be used to remove soap scum and hard water deposits. Sprinkle a little baking soda on a cut lemon and scrub stains and surfaces. To create a furniture polish mix one-half cup of lemon juice with one cup of olive oil.

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The Natural All-Purpose Cleaner – Quart


Cleans any surface not harmed by water. Ideal for use on tile floors, marble, terrazzo and walls. Will not film or streak as it cleans, brightens and deodorizes surfaces.


Dilute with warm or cold water. Start by using 1/4 cup per gallon of water or 1 tablespoon per quart of water. Adjust by using more or less cleaner to suit personal need. Use on any surface not harmed by water.


Ozone Treated Water (for purification), Sodium Citrate (a reaction of citric acid from fermented corn and sodium hydroxide), Citric Acid (from fermented corn), Non-Ionic Detergent (from corn derived ethanol and natural oils), D-Limonene (pesticide residue free, distilled from orange rind oil), Amphoteric Detergent (from coconut and/or palm kernel oil), Amine Oxide (from coconut, palm kernel, and or/soy bean oil). Contains no preservatives.


“Our company has been using the All Purpose Cleaner for over four years now. It has no hazardous chemicals and my employees love the fresh orange scent. Your cleaner is truly an all in one product that works on every surface in our bakery from floors, walls, equipment, counters, baking pans and dishes.”

– B. Rooden
“I love your All Purpose Cleaner. It truly is all-purpose cleaner. We use it for every application and we like that it’s so concentrated. This product is very economical and goes a long, long way.”

– L. Johnson
Formula 409 All-Purpose Cleaner
(1 quart=1 quart) The Natural (concentrated;
1 quart=32 gallons)
Price-per-Ounce $0.10 $0.007
Price-per-Quart $3.09 $0.06*
*Calculated based on amount of cleaner produced per quart.


Non-toxic. * All ingredients are biodegradable or break down into harmless natural elements. * Biodegrades without forming micro toxins. * Contains no hazardous ingredients as per OSHA regulations. * Free of petroleum distillates, butyl ether, ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, benzene, pine oil, or strong acids. * Free of all known or suspected carcinogens. * Gray water and septic tank safe. * Biodegradable without effluent treatment process.


* Cruelty free. * Contains no animal ingredients. * Has not been tested on animals.

This product contains detergents which may cause eye irritation. In case of contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. Keep this and all cleaning products out of the reach of children.


The Natural All-Purpose Cleaner – Quart


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