We All Learn From Our Mistakes

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   Who says that the professionals did not make mistakes? The very fact that they are professionals proves that they have made mistakes, mistakes which at times you and I won’t even imagine. These are the very people who have learnt from their follies and have amended it to perfection. The more we dwell with this topic and fix it in our minds the more perfect we shall be. Even the great Greek philosopher Socrates committed a mistake and therefore we are not alienated. Our end unlike Socrates must be different and unique and must set an example for all to follow.

   The way to do that, is by leading an exemplary life and that will only be possible, if we learn from our mistakes and amend them to perfection. It is human to falter, may be even more than once or twice, but to not learn from the mistakes is certainly not the way to go. Stopping to learn, is stopping to grow, it’s as simple as that. Not learning from your mistakes, makes your life aimless and will certainly cost you a lot in the long run. Having an aim, may be as simple as setting a task for your life and this task may be even small achievements at various points in time, ultimately culminating into that one big aim or goal.

  In whatever we attempt to do, we must give it our 100% and nothing less. This may at times be a challenge for many of us, but trying is always the best thing to do, as there is no other way to get close to perfection. In whatever profession or business we are, our actions must always be aimed to attain perfection however challenging the situations we are faced with. Be accountable for your own actions even if they led to failures. This besides making you learn, will also improve you image and will earn you respect.

Dale Carnegie once said, “The successful man will profit from his mistakes by trying again in a different way.”  What would have happened if man did not try to get onto the moon even after failing the first time? We would not have satellite communication today, if we did not explore space again and again. The writing is on the wall in bold and yet people fail to realize the simple fact of learning from ones mistakes and amending it to perfection. It is now time to smell the coffee, amend what has been going wrong in our lives and amend it to perfection.

Jonathan Comeau

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