Why Silver And Gold

The Declining Dollar

Throughout 5,000 years of recorded history, silver has been used as a form of currency. It was the preferred unit of exchange in nearly every early culture worldwide, while gold was the designated store of value for kings and wealthy individuals. Whether a citizen, a Pharaoh or a King-everyone understood that silver and gold were real money.

In 1971, the United States cut its final tie to gold as a means to back our money, and we have since been living in a world dominated by paper money. The problem is that paper money, also known as fiat money, derives its purchasing power by nothing more than confidence in the ability of each nation to maintain a “prudent fiscal policy.”

When our economy and markets become unstable due to political strife, massive government spending and other factors-as we saw all too clearly with the recent global financial crisis-the worth of paper investments can take a sharp nosedive. In fact, the value of the U.S. dollar has declined dramatically in recent years, and this trend does not look to be capable of changing. Today’s debt-backed fiat(by decree) monetary system is a fundamental reason to diversify your savings strategy by saving in silver and gold.

Silver and Gold Are Time-Tested Financial Tools

The value of precious metals has risen consistently during the last 10 years, making them trusted investments through times of uncertainty and change. Silver and gold are nearly immune to the volatility of the U.S. dollar, and can offer exceptional price appreciation and profit over time. Considered by many to be the safest forms of money in the world, they are a time-tested way to protect your financial savings against an unpredictable future.

Protect Your Savings

Historically, silver and gold bullion have acted as a long-term store of value. Thus, they are considered an excellent way to preserve purchasing power.

For example, today it takes nearly the same quantity of silver to buy a gallon of gas as it did 40 years ago. Compare this to our current fiat currency, the U.S. dollar. Forty years ago, gasoline cost 35 cents per gallon. Today, costs over $3.50 mean our fiat paper dollars have, when it comes to gasoline, lost nearly 90% of their purchasing power over that 40-year period.

In order to preserve purchasing power, savings must be stored in a form of money that retains its value over time. Gold and silver are recognized around the world as the forms of money that cannot be created out of nothing. Unlike fiat currencies, which can easily have their purchasing power destroyed through inflation, these precious metals remain the most reliable forms of money today.

Take Steps to Secure Your Family’s Financial Future

Ultimately, each of us has a responsibility to acknowledge the realities of the declining dollar-and take steps to protect ourselves and our families. Saving silver and gold is a powerful way to help safeguard against the loss purchasing power inherent with a debt-backed fiat currency.

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       For thousands of years, silver has been used as a form of currency. Silver was the preferred unit of exchange in nearly every early culture worldwide. Today’s paper money derives its purchasing power only through confidence in a nation’s ability to maintain a “prudent fiscal policy.” In turbulent times, such as those we are experiencing in the world today, diversifying your savings/investment strategy by adding silver may be a smart move. Indeed, many experts suggest that 10% to 15% of portfolio assets be in precious metals.Indeed, many experts suggest that 10% to 15% of portfolio assets be in precious metals.

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